Friday, October 31, 2014

Princess Zelda Amigurumi Crochet Doll

I wrote another original crochet pattern - this time for a Princess Zelda Amigurumi Doll. Zelda and Link are both from the game Legend of Zelda.

This pattern actually took me the longest to write, since Zelda has some many accessories.

I plan to make another similar pattern for Link, so they can be a couple. I want to make a Link with similar body and height to this Zelda doll. Although I might to have to work on him next week.

You can find the pattern for this Zelda Crochet Doll here: Zelda Crochet Pattern
I also have the physical doll for sale in my Etsy store as well.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My very first crochet flower headband

I crocheted my very first headband last night. It was a fairly quick project to make. My husband likes it on me, he thinks it's cute!

The most complicated part of this project was the flower/rose. The rose kept curling on it self. I lost track of stitches. It was a mess.

Pattern for Rose:
Row 1: ch44, 4dc in 4th ch from hook, *skip next 3ch, (sc, ch3, 4dc) in next ch*, repeat from * 8 times more, skip next 3ch, sc in last ch, turn.
Row 2: *(ch3, sl st in next dc) 4 times, ch3, skip ch3, sl st in next sc *, repeat from * 9 times more. Fasten off. Thread the needle with the main color yarn and starting with one side and stitching as you go, coil the row of petals to give a flat base along the chain edge 

So I started putting stitch markers in the rose after chaining.

I put a marker every 4th chain. It was hard to see where the 4th ch was when the rose started curling. So this was my solution!

This is what the center of the rose will look like. As you can see, it wants to curl on itself.

Then I added little bumps on the outside of the rose, to give it a more petal like look.

After all the little bumps were made, the rose wanted to curl on its own. So that made it easier to form the flower. Here is the completed flower type rose. =]

Here is me wearing the headband. So I liked how everything turned out!

You can find the finished headband and other similar projects in my Etsy store here!

I also made my very first pattern for an inspired Sailor Moon Scarf. The pattern can be found here!

I also made a  crochet Sailor Moon Transformation wand to go with the scarf. I'm working on the pattern for the wand right now. You can find the finished wand here:

Monday, September 29, 2014

Amigurumi Fruit Cake Tissue Box Cover and Ice Dragon

When I first learned how to crochet several years ago, the very first things I made were amigurumis. Basically, amigurumi is a Japanese art of crocheting or knitting little cute animals. It has expanded to include desserts and anything that can be given a face. My first crochet project was making an amigurumi bear. I was so happy! Because it didn't look like a zombie frankenstein bear!

Now a days, I crochet even more advance things. Things that require counting stitches the whole time. But I always think its worth it, because a very beautiful project gets completed.

One of my very first big projects was this fruit cake tissue box cover. It looks like a fruit cake, but it is actually a tissue box cover. I super love it, because I dislike seeing plain tissue boxes around my home. This turns the tissue box into a home decor! =]

This cake tissue box cover took 2 whole days to make. I sat there crocheting all day. I enjoyed it though, because I was able to watch all my drama, and TV episodes while crafting!

I love all the fruit toppings on top! 

An easier project I made was this Ice Dragon. He is just sooo cute!

He actually stands up on his own. So he can be used as a computer desk decoration or home decor. I just love the look on his face. His tail is the key factor in holding him up. He is stuffed with poly fiber fill, making his soft and squishy. This Ice Dragon Amigurumi toy is also cute as a photo prop! Change his color, and he can be a fire dragon!

Sailor Moon Inspired Scarf and Slouchy Hat

When I was probably in 4th grade, I saw the original Sailor Moon anime on TV. For some unknown reason, that one episode drew me in. I instantly became a loyal Sailor Moon fan. I started waiting for the episodes to air each week. Before I knew it, I was buying the VHS tapes for the episodes and I started buying all toys, and all things Sailor Moon.

Several years later, I got married. But that didn't stop me from being a total Sailor Moon fan. I started to learn how to crochet. Then I wanted to make my own Sailor Moon stuff. Then a quick browse on the internet...and I realized, I need a Sailor Moon scarf. To complete the set, I threw in a hat!

I wanted to make a sailor moon scarf pattern, so I could remake the scarf and hat for friends and family if they asked. This is actually the very first pattern I ever wrote. I've been crocheting for several years now, and I am very comfortable with reading patterns and writing them. So I did it!

The one tricky thing about the pattern, is that you have to keep 5 loops on your crochet hook at the very end of each row. To make it even more tricky, thats when you switch the yarn colors! But I included a picture of the process in my pattern, so it makes it pretty clear and simple! Yay me! =]

One of my favorite things about this inspired Sailor Moon scarf pattern is that the red bow is detachable. You can move it anywhere on the scarf, like the above picture demonstrates.

I attached a bar pin on the back of the bow, so you can pin the bow anywhere on the scarf. You can even remove it. Making the scarf extra easy to wash! =]

The sailor moon hat is a slouchy beret type hat. The pattern is made to fit adults, but also has modifications for children and kids sizes.

My husband really likes the hat on me. He thinks it's cute. =]

You can find the scarf and hat pattern here (Sailor Moon Scarf Pattern) and here (Sailor Moon Hat Pattern).

I hope you enjoy making this set as much as I did! It was very fun seeing the project come to life. =]

Friday, September 26, 2014

I Opened an Etsy Store

I decided to open an Etsy Store this week to sell my crochet and knit creations. I also started making patterns and those are on Etsy too!

I had my first sale 2 days after opening, woohoo! Yay!! It was for a Sailor Moon Scarf Pattern I wrote:

I also made a matching Sailor Moon hat. It's a slouchy type of beret hat.

The pattern for the Sailor Moon hat is also on Etsy. 

I made a couple other geeky things, such as an Amigurumi Link doll from Legend of Zelda and a Pikachu beanie hat. All of them are crochet so far.

Hopefully this store will make enough to pay for more yarn, so I can keep crafting! =]