Friday, September 26, 2014

I Opened an Etsy Store

I decided to open an Etsy Store this week to sell my crochet and knit creations. I also started making patterns and those are on Etsy too!

I had my first sale 2 days after opening, woohoo! Yay!! It was for a Sailor Moon Scarf Pattern I wrote:

I also made a matching Sailor Moon hat. It's a slouchy type of beret hat.

The pattern for the Sailor Moon hat is also on Etsy. 

I made a couple other geeky things, such as an Amigurumi Link doll from Legend of Zelda and a Pikachu beanie hat. All of them are crochet so far.

Hopefully this store will make enough to pay for more yarn, so I can keep crafting! =]

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