Monday, September 29, 2014

Sailor Moon Inspired Scarf and Slouchy Hat

When I was probably in 4th grade, I saw the original Sailor Moon anime on TV. For some unknown reason, that one episode drew me in. I instantly became a loyal Sailor Moon fan. I started waiting for the episodes to air each week. Before I knew it, I was buying the VHS tapes for the episodes and I started buying all toys, and all things Sailor Moon.

Several years later, I got married. But that didn't stop me from being a total Sailor Moon fan. I started to learn how to crochet. Then I wanted to make my own Sailor Moon stuff. Then a quick browse on the internet...and I realized, I need a Sailor Moon scarf. To complete the set, I threw in a hat!

I wanted to make a sailor moon scarf pattern, so I could remake the scarf and hat for friends and family if they asked. This is actually the very first pattern I ever wrote. I've been crocheting for several years now, and I am very comfortable with reading patterns and writing them. So I did it!

The one tricky thing about the pattern, is that you have to keep 5 loops on your crochet hook at the very end of each row. To make it even more tricky, thats when you switch the yarn colors! But I included a picture of the process in my pattern, so it makes it pretty clear and simple! Yay me! =]

One of my favorite things about this inspired Sailor Moon scarf pattern is that the red bow is detachable. You can move it anywhere on the scarf, like the above picture demonstrates.

I attached a bar pin on the back of the bow, so you can pin the bow anywhere on the scarf. You can even remove it. Making the scarf extra easy to wash! =]

The sailor moon hat is a slouchy beret type hat. The pattern is made to fit adults, but also has modifications for children and kids sizes.

My husband really likes the hat on me. He thinks it's cute. =]

You can find the scarf and hat pattern here (Sailor Moon Scarf Pattern) and here (Sailor Moon Hat Pattern).

I hope you enjoy making this set as much as I did! It was very fun seeing the project come to life. =]

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